Groundbreaking Multi-Gigabit All-Outdoor Licensed Microwave Radio Systems
Key Specifications
Frequency Range 6-42 GHz
Data Throughput Up to 5.5Gbps per radio using quad sub-carriers or 3Gbps per radio using two carriers without compression
Configurations 2 x (1+0), 2+0 ACAP/ACCP, 4+0 ACAP/ACCP, 1+1, 2+2, 2+0 XPIC, 2 x (2+0) XPIC, 2×2 MIMO, 4×4 MIMO, 1+0 SD, 2+0 SD, 1+0 FD
Modulation QPSK to 4096QAM
Air Interface Full Duplex FDD
Channel Bandwidths per Carrier 10-160MHz ANSI and 7-112MHz ETSI
Diplexer Customer replaceable
Frequency Flexibility Different frequencies supported in single dual carrier radio (e.g. 6GHz and 11GHz)
Latency 41.5 ns/ODU, 83 ns/link
Tx Power (diplexer output) Up to 27dBm with Built-In Advanced Digital Pre-Distortion
Max Packet Size SFP, 1310nm, LC SFP, 850nm, LC
Ethernet Timing and Synchronization SyncE (G.8261), IEEE 1588V2 Transparent, Boundary, and Ordinary Clock support
Ethernet Compression Interface Gap and Pre-Amble Suppression, Header Compression, Payload Compression
QoS Congestion Avoidance Two-rate / three color marking, WRED, Policing, Flow-Control (PAUSE packets, back-pressure)
QoS Traffic Shaping Configurable
Protection ITU-T G.8032 Ring
Input Power Requirements -48 VDC direct DC or PoE (-36 VDC to -60 VDC range)
Weight 9.2kg (20.3lbs) including internal OMT or coupler (2+0 configuration)
Size 23.9cm x 23.2cm x 12.5cm (9.42”x9.12”x4.94”) not including antenna nose or handle
Operating Temperature -33oC to +55oC (-27oF to +131oF) per ETS 300 019-2-4 Class 4M5
Humidity 5%-100%
Modulation QPSK
Weather IP67 / All Weather
Safety IEC 60950-1, -22
Regulatory US FCC Part 101, FCC Part 15B; ETSI EN 302 217
  • Up to 1.5Gbps in a single channel per single transceiver radio for true fiber replacement capacity
  • Dual sub-carrier support to efficiently increase capacity without adding more equipment
  • QPSK to 4096QAM
  • Ultra-wide bandwidth operation to 160MHz ANSI and 112MHz ETSI
  • 1+0, 1+1 HSB, and 2+0 operation
  • Space Diversity and
  • Frequency Diversity available
  • Built-in Advanced Digital Pre-Distortion to drive higher transmission performance
  • Customer-replaceable diplexers to ease operational logistics and improve system flexibility
  • Adaptable antenna interface option supports third party antennas to ease migration and upgrade
  • Header and payload compression to further increase capacity
  • 2 x 10GbE Ethernet interfaces (optional)
  • 2 x CPRI interfaces (optional)
  • SyncE and IEEE1588v2
  • No-touch Wi-Fi maintenance interface (optional)
  • Time based feature licensing available

NAVIGATOR systems support a broad range of applications:

  • Fiber extension / replacement / backup
  • 3G/4G backhaul and seamless transition to 5G
  • Shared networks
  • Mobile fronthaul
  • WAN/LAN connectivity
  • Disaster recovery
  • Video surveillance
  • Campus connectivity
  • Monitoring and control

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